Tuesday, February 9, 2010

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New Car: 1993 100 CS Quattro Manual 203k miles, great interior, needs some engine work and some headliner work. otherwise the leather is awesome, the electronics are in good shape, starts with some coaxing.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

It's ALIVE!!

Well, this may be my 2nd to last post about the car, but never fear, I will continue to keep this blog running as long as I have a project going, which will be...forever basically, I guess.

The car is running. I have only run into 2 mishaps since the first time it ran. The first one was my camshaft sensor. This sensor determines where the camshaft is and when to give each spark plug a spark. With no sensor the engine computer has no data and doesn't send a spark at all. The other problem that I still have is a vacuum accumulator that I don't exactly know how to explain how it helps the engine run but it helps it run much smoother. It is a tube that comes off the intake manifold and runs back to the brake booster. The tube has a small nozzle on it that connects to the Mass Air Flow indicator and this nozzle is broken, which means it will run but not smoothly. The dealer wants $112 for this part. Other than this, all i need is a another tube that connects the airbox to the valve head cover on the driver side (dealer wants $97) and i should be good to go.

My last post about the car will be all about the interior. I still have not reinstalled the headliner and there are some wires hanging around. I have not hooked up the radio either, because I still need to do a mod so that I can have an auxiliary jack for an mp3 player or something.

Until i replace the vacuum accumulator I will not register it or insure it so I won't be washing it or posting too many pics of the outside. I will try to post some engine pics of the completed job and the interior so far, it might be awhile since we are going on vacation next week for two weeks.
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Glass Sunroof, Carpet, and the seats. Oh and a baby!!

I took the headliner out and transferred the glass sunroof from my 93 to the 92. Surprisingly it took less than an hour to do the whole thing (take both down and install the glass one). Everything fits snugly and no leaks.

The carpet was a huge pain. Taking it out of the old one required a lot of work to get all of the lower dash pieces off because it is like a large square of carpet with two narrow rectangles running down the middle for the center console and then the gear shift and front console. I ended up cutting just one section so that I would not have to take out all most of the front console. I did leave the entire dash so it is black on top and gray on the bottom, but the center unit and center console are black so it has a unique look. The dash from the 93 has some minor cuts on the top and it has the passenger airbag and I didn't want to mess with it at this point. Maybe in the future.

Last but not least are the seats, I have the rear seat and the driver seat in, but until I have the headliner installed I won't put the front passenger seat in. I will post pictures as soon as I can. By the way we are at the hospital now and about to have our third baby. The doctor just broke Kayla's water and things are moving...slowly. I will update you in a few hours.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

My New Russian Wrench!

Look how bad those are bent compared to the straight ones in back. I finally got around to getting the valve assemblies apart thanks to my new Russian Wrench! I had looked over and over at different "audi" specific tools that cost from $70 to $200 when all i needed was already in my garage. I give you the infamous russian wrench. This baby is good in any situation.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The belly of the beast

Well, now the interior is completely gutted and before I worry about putting it back together I am going to get this thing running. I would hate to waste my time making the interior nice to find the engine is toast. So to get an idea of how the V-shaped Audi V6 is a few pictures and of course a great description by yours truly. Up top is a picture of it, not mine, but you can get an idea. Up top is the intake manifold and the plastic covers cover the V shape for the most part. The crankshaft is in the bottom center and three cylinders go up on each side in a V shape, hence the V shaped designation. After you take off the intake manifold, you have access to the valve trains which are above each of the cylinders with an intake valve and an exhaust valve per cylinder. You may see in the two top pictures there are 6 valves on each valve train. On one, all 6 are bent. On the other at least 3 are bent, but I have not tried to turn the camshaft to see if the other 3 are bent as well.

This is at least a turning point in the engine repair process because it should be the last I have to take off of the car, next is replacing the valves and doing a minor rebuild job. But everything is being put back together from here on out.

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